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Vinod Kumar

Best hospital the staff is always supportive. Team is just awesome explains the diagnosis so well and make the patient so comfortable. Explain of treatment and is always available. Thank u !!!

Vikash Sharma

Went to this hospital for a regular check up, I would recommend this hospital for anyone, with issue like gastrics, heart, chest issue etc. Consultant charges are 800Rs.

Niharika Sethi

Employes are hard working and obedient. Lab is overall very good .Lab.reports are excellent. Special thanks to Dr Geetu Kukreja and Dr Rajnish Kukreja for their kind nature and cooperation towards staff specially doctors.


It's my first visit in this hospital as my mother is admitted in ICU here .staff is friendly and courteous.doctors seems quite knowledge and humane.overall I am finding I am finding it good till now.

Kartikchandra Pradhan (KC)

I got admitted in the hospital for stomach ache. I got treated under Dr Kukreja and his team. All the doctor and staff were very helpful. I really appreciate the all nursing staff to help me get rid of the pain.

Dr Samrul Hoda

All facilities under one roof; CT scan, Dialysis, Top end Cardiac Care Centre, Doctors and Nurses give both personal and professional care to patients and atheir attendants, Thanks Dr Rajnish and Dr. Geetu Kukreja.

Satyendra Choudhary

Kukreja hospital is well maintained and well equipped with every services and department. All the departments are appreciable. Doctors are of highly qualified and experienced.


My wife was admitted in this hospital in emergency twice. I have seen their excellent service as well as dealling of doctor and other staff members. Clean ing level of hospital is also very high.

Sonia Simran

I am talking treatment at this hospital for the last couple of days,well behaved doctors and staff. I rate it as a good hospital comparatively to other pvt hospitals.


I want to thanks Dr Rajnish Kukreja for treating me for heart attack with in one half hour of admission my Angiography was done dignoise was done. Emergency doctors and nurses very helpful.

Komal Mishra

It's an excellent hospital with an experienced doctor. Best care I have received and the service is very nice. Special thanx to Dr. R kukreja is very humble nature soft spoken and friendly A big thanx to all staff member.

Purnima Sain

Really impressed by the post operative nursing care at Kukreja hospital...patients coordinator takes extra care for comfort of patients

Sudha Siddiqui

I am fully satisfied with hospital staff and nurse for my care. When i was admitted in hospital i was in very bad condition but now i am felling better

Narender Singh

I am thankful to Dr Rajnish kukreja , Anaesthetist OT staff and especially sister for providing excellent medical services during My surgery and treatment thank you All.


My mother was treated for breast cancer under Dr R kukreja .The doctor is very experienced and very detail oriented.he deals with patient very nicely and provide personal care.

Narender Singh

I am thankful to Dr Rajnish kukreja , Anaesthetist OT staff and especially sister for providing excellent medical services during My surgery and treatment thank you All.

Parul Mehra

Over all experienced and make us very comfortable room service, nursing staff are genuinely very good team work.

Jyoti Otwal

Good hospital with best hospitality.staff is very polite . The infrastructure is also excellent.I would recommend this hospital for intensive care and treatment!

KUkreja Hospital

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